Meet the team

Adolfo Pando Molina

Adolfo Pando Molina

Founder & CEO

“legal brain and guitar playing nut”

Adolfo is a dual-qualified lawyer specialised in capital markets and financial regulation, with a distinguished track record both in private practice and in-house in some of the top UK and European firms. Through his more than 20 years’ experience he has worked in a number of different jurisdictions; cross-border legal analysis and implementation have always been second nature to him.

Prior to founding RegBot®, Adolfo served as Head of Legal Americas in the Corporate and Investment Banking division of a major European bank. He was responsible for his bank’s US registration as a swap dealer, implementation of and compliance with US regulations, and the assessment of their interaction with European and other regulations.

His expertise and involvement in several regulatory compliance working groups, and his penchant for engineering (which he pursues as a hobby!) led him to the realisation that modern financial regulation required designing and building groundbreaking compliance technological tools from the ground-up. Those tools are called RegBot®.

“I conceived RegBot® as a groundbreaking, modular compliance tool that could take into account all manner of factual scenarios and come up with the right regulatory answer in real time, automatically communicate it to the compliance department and incorporate a lot of other integrated functionalities. A sleek, cutting edge replacement to the manual, inefficient procedures currently in place in the vast majority of financial entities – a business killer in the fast-paced world of finance, where prices move quickly and timing is critical.”

Sal Syed

Sal Syed

Co-founder & CIO

“software services professional and thrill seeking adventurer”

Sal is a seasoned veteran with close to 30 years’ experience in the IT industry spanning multiple roles covering all aspects of the software development lifecycle. As a technical consultant he has been involved in the analysis, design and development of custom solutions for several large departments of the UK government. As a functional consultant, Sal has played key roles in many large-scale global implementations of industry leading financial and business applications. As an entrepreneur, Sal co-founded a software organisation that specialised in the automated migration of proprietary Oracle based legacy applications to modernised ‘open’ applications. He subsequently managed the technical aspects of the M&A activity during a successful exit through a trade sale to the world’s leading vendor of business applications, and went on to head up the resultant newly created division within the corporate structure.

Prior to co-founding Regbot®, Sal has been assisting several early stage start-ups by providing strategic and technical leadership around establishing and managing distributed development teams. He has delivered significant value to key stakeholders through the adoption of technology, tools and techniques that are used within agile web/cloud based development projects.

“I was already interested in FinTech, so when Adolfo presented me with the challenge of translating his vision into tangible cutting-edge software solutions for the RegTech industry, I rolled up my sleeves.  I saw the market opportunity to deploy my entrepreneurial and technical skills in a relatively new and niche area which is going to grow rapidly in the current climate of austerity and accountability within the banking industry that is struggling to remain compliant with new and ever changing stringent financial regulations”.