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We like to think of ourselves as business enablers through legal, compliance and front office expertise.

Our range of consultancy services cover matters of business, banking and financial law, specialising in sophisticated and complex business transactions and international capital markets regulation.

We offer an unrivalled mixture of experience, expertise and business acumen: a practical, no-nonsense bridge between law and business.

With many years’ experience helping clients structure and negotiate financial products, providing expert advice in respect of derivatives, securities and structured products to both dealers and end-users, ranging from operational to strategic matters, we pride ourselves to be among the best qualified to help our clients achieve their goals.

Areas of expertise

Financial regulation

We are fully conversant with all there is to know about financial regulation, and its impact on our clients’ business across jurisdictions.


Our unparalleled business understanding and experience ensures clients receive a first-class compliance service.

Technology & outsourcing

We are specialists in mitigating a range of risks and challenges in negotiating outsourcing agreements, especially for those clients in regulated sectors.

Financial regulation

Since the 2008 global crisis, financial regulation has gone from a rather lax system to an arguably over-regulated minefield. Not only that, but financial regulators are increasingly keen on enforcing their domestic rules on an extraterritorial basis.

Given the current regulatory mood, and the heavy handed sanctions often meted out to non-compliant entities, mean that avoiding pitfalls is now more important than ever.

Fortunately, international financial regulation is our specialty. We are fully conversant with all there is to know about financial regulation, and its impact on our clients’ business across jurisdictions.

From Dodd-Frank’s Title VII and Volcker Rule to FATCA, EMIR, MiFID, MiFIR, the CRR/CRD IV, Basel III and others, we can help you devise a compliance solution suited to your organisation’s needs and profile.


Our compliance practice helps our clients to:

– identify and manage business conduct rules;

– identify and manage conflicts of interest;

– identify and manage global marketing and selling restrictions;

– deal with local regulatory bodies and equivalent foreign bodies;

– respond to local or cross-border investigations and enforcement actions by one or more regulatory bodies, covering wide ranging issues such as governance, remuneration, complaints handling, insider dealing, or market abuse;

– establish new mechanisms necessary to comply with the law or regulation, such as access to trading and clearing platforms for financial transactions, pre-trade obligations, transaction reporting, etc.

– establish documentation, reporting structures and decision-making processes in connection with regulatory matters, including formalities and contents in each case.

Our first-class regulatory expertise, matched with our unparalleled business understanding and experience ensures a solid compliance service at our client’s disposal.

We have acted as compliance specialists for financial entities, ensuring that their policies, procedures, controls and practices would remain compliant with current regulation.

Technology & outsourcing

Increasingly, companies are using more technology and outsourcing to achieve their strategic business objectives. The negotiation of outsourcing agreements presents its own range of risks and challenges, especially for entities in regulated sectors.

We have negotiated countless technology and outsourcing agreements, including pricing platforms, trading platforms, licensing agreements, email, storage and other IT services, both on behalf of end users and providers and want to put our extensive market knowledge and top practice at our clients’ disposal.

We are also FinTech specialists, and we are happy to offer custom development services based on our flexible and modular RegBot® platform. Our teams can assist clients leverage the power of our RegBot® platform to build exclusive, highly customised solutions that are tailored for specific needs, and can seamlessly integrate, within a client’s organisation.

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